Personal Chef

In-Home Personal Chef Service


Let’s Chat with the Chef 

In a good and successful relationship communication and knowledge is everything. Like in any relationship you have the “Discovery Period” in which the Chef must get to know you and to learn more about you and your families’ dietary requirements/restrictions, taste and cuisine style that you enjoy; then is the “Development Period” in which a custom menu designed for your specific requirements and desires is produced. Since taste is particular to each and every one of us a “Fine-Tuning Period” will achieve the dreamed outcome.

Once the Chef has created your final menu, it will be emailed to you for your approval. When you choose to move forward, your service date will be booked and confirmed.  Chef Kimmy will shop for  all the essential ingredients the day of your service, choosing the freshest ingredients available and within your budget. I’ll come to your home to fresh prepare and cook your meals at in your kitchen.   Your custom meals will be packed, labeled and stored with complete handling and heating instruction. 

Chef will clean your kitchen and leave it as the chef found it. 

Personal Chef Service Plan

· Plan a custom menu tailored to your preferences for your approval.

· Grocery hand selects the finest quality, seasonal ingredients for your meals.

· Chef will spend 3-4 hours in your home kitchen preparing your meals.

· Neatly package, label, and store your meals for your convenience.

· Provide you with a daily menu (if food preparation is for multiple days), and detailed reheating and serving instructions.

· Chef will leave you with a fridge full of freshly prepared, high-quality, healthy meals.


If you have any question please email me